Hotel Sirio Venice is Tesla Destination Charging

Visiting Venice will be even better when you arrive at the helm of your Tesla. Starting from January 2019, the Hotel Sirio Venice officially becomes part of Tesla Destination Charging thanks to the installation of 2 222 kW recharging columns made available to guests.

As a partner of Tesla and favorite with its location in Mestre, Hotel Sirio Venice becomes the ideal place to discover one of the most romantic cities in the world: Venice. Staying here you can easily leave your electric car signed Tesla to load in the hotel's private parking and go to the city center. There you can fully appreciate the architectural beauties and the atmosphere by walking or gondola.

The Supercharger station with the 2 Tesla-branded columns was installed in the private car park behind the hotel, for the exclusive use of guests. An entire charging cycle allows you to have a range of up to 1000 kilometers and can be monitored constantly through the dedicated application.

Whatever the model of your Tesla, Hotel Sirio Venice is ready to welcome you and guarantee the maximum comfort of travel to Venice.